Non Emergency Transport Inc. provides excellent transportation service for all needs of transport.

Non Emergency Transport Inc. Services


Transport for Social Events
Non Emergency Transport will transport to any social event such as
family gatherings, graduations, sporting events, concerts, and the airport.
Non Emergency Transport Inc. will acommadate for any event in the DFW
metroplex area.
Doctors Appointments
Transport to a doctors appointment will have to be made at least one day
prior to your appointment. All appointment recieved by 8pm the day before
your appointment date will be verifyied and confirmed prior to your scheduling.


Hospice Transport Service


All respite and hospice transports can be arranged by your hospice

service of your choosing. 



Long Distance Trips


Trips can be reserved 24 hours in advance for out of town or out of state transports.




Call (817)885-8662

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